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Tardis Jumper

Wow! It’s almost halfway through September and I still didn’t blog about my most recent sewing projects. Ugh. It’s frustrating because I have things I want to talk about but couldn’t. *sigh* Anyway, this past weekend sat down and tried to finish sewing some of the things on my to-make list, one of them is a Tardis jumper.

Earlier this year, I discovered Joann’s sells officially licensed Doctor Who fabric. I fell in love with a Tardis print fabric, but couldn’t think of or find something I would like to use the fabric to make. Last month, McCall’s released a pattern for a 1950’s jumper for women as part of their archive collection. I loved the pattern and, after some thought, I realized the Tardis fabric would make a very cute jumper. So, I decided to make my own jumper!

It took a while to finish it because I decided to procrastinate finishing the buttonholes, but once I finished the button holes I took it outside and took a photo of it on my dress form with a petticoat under it…

tardis jumper petticoat

I didn’t experience any problems making the jumper and it fit fine when I finished it… and then my growth spurts hit. Although my growth spurts didn’t affect the jumper’s length on me (It did get shorter on me, but I don’t mind the length), I lost some weight causing the jumper to be bigger on me than when I started to work on it. Right now I’m ok with the way it fit me, but if the growth spurts and weight loss continue, I’m planning on taking the zipper out and putting laces in so it will fit me no matter what my size is.

Well, that’s all I have to say about the jumper! Thank you for reading!

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