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Princess Euphemia Drawing

After a few months without a completed drawing to blog about, I finally have one!

A few weeks ago I was trying to decide what sewing project I should start next. I remembered that I wanted to make two of Princess Euphemia’s dresses almost five years ago, but never finished. Although I decided not to work on the dresses yet, I wanted to draw Princess Euphemia again. I drew her years ago (four to be exact) but my drawing style changed since then so I wanted to draw her again.

Here is the drawing…

princess euphemia drawing

I drew the drawing on sketch paper with a mechanical pencil and colored with Prismacolor colored pencils and markers.

I’m very surprised how fast I was able to draw her. It took less than a half an hour to finish the line art and about 15 minutes to color without a reference picture. Although I’ve drawn Euphemia before, its been four or so years since I did it. So, I’m not surprised I can draw and color fast, but I am surprised I remembered how to draw her after so long!

I have other drawings I’m working on, but right now this is the only drawing I finished. Although prints of this drawing will not be available, the drawing will be for sale at my Etsy store. It currently isn’t for sale because I’m having trouble finding shipping tubes where I live. I don’t know why, but it’s as if everyone needed mailing tubes and bought all of them before I could go to the store. *sigh* Anyway, once I buy a mailing tube and figure shipping costs, I’ll list it. 🙂

That’s all for now!

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