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2012 Old Tucson Photographs-Part 1

Sometime in March 2012, I went to Old Tucson, sometimes better known as Old Tucson Studios. It is a film set that is open to the public. The first time I went was in 2011, went back in 2012, and still have yet to go back. I hope to go back sometime this year, but I’ve said that for six years and it never happened. Still, I hope that I can go back sometime soon!

I know these photographs are 6 years old this month, but after becoming too busy to post the photographs and loosing the CD the photos are saved to for years, I decided to edit the photos and post them now. I posted some back in 2012, but after loosing the CD I couldn’t edit and post any more. I always felt bad about not posting the photos at all. So now I’m finishing my incomplete post series.

This isn’t going to be the only post about the photographs I took there. I’m not sure how many there will end up being, but I plan on posting them throughout the spring as a filler post. Between my busy day job, working on new sewing projects to post about, and experiencing a case of artist block for drawing, there really isn’t much to talk about except for photographs I took six years ago. Still, I hope you enjoy seeing them!

Since I have little to no memory of taking these photographs, and why I took them, I’m going to just post almost all the photographs at once without going into detail about them…

Although I don’t remember most of the photographs, are two photographs I took while there that I remember taking and why. They are of a little wood carving of a Police Box…

I took these photos because they reminded me of the Tardis from Doctor Who.

Well, that’s all the photographs I have to share. There are others I’m still sorting through and trying to figure out if I want to post or not, but there should be at least two more posts about my Old Tucson photographs.

Thank you for reading!

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