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March 2023 Miscellaneous Desert Sunset Photographs Part 2

Hi everyone! Back in March, I would wander around my relative’s property to see if there were any photogenic places to take pictures of. I found an abandoned road near the most untouched desert area on the property. After walking up and down it repeatedly, I decided to try to take photographs of the road as soon as the clouds were right.

After attempting to take pictures of the area several times, I finally was able to do it. Still, the photographs didn’t turn out as nicely as I hoped it would be. It was basically a problem when I wanted to enjoy the scenery and live in the moment without paying much attention to taking the photographs. Even though the photographs didn’t turn out as nice I hoped they would, they did turn out nice enough for me to feel comfortable to post them online.

Here is the road and the desert with the clouds behind…




The reason why I angled the camera the way I did is because there are homes within eye sight. In order to avoid invading neighbors privacy, I decided to angle the camera a way to avoid and obscure the homes in the photographs. I succeeded, but I also think I could’ve angled the camera better. At that time I didn’t care. Like I already mentioned, I wanted to enjoy the scenery and the moment more than take photographs of it!


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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