2018 Saguaro Blossom Photos

Near the end of April 2018, the Saguaro cactus began to blossom. The Saguaros near my home blossomed for about two or so weeks before they closed. During this time, I made plans to take photos of the blossoms, but I was only able to take photos of the blossoms two times, near the beginning of the blossom season and at the end.

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April 28, 2017 Cactus Blossom Color and Black and White Photographs

Hi everyone! I’m back with some more black and white photographs, this time they are ones I did not post here before. I found them while searching for other photographs I took this year, but when I realized I never posted them. The photographs, which are of a saguaro blossoms and saguaro blossom buds, looked nice so I thought it would be a good idea to post them before the end of 2017.

Since I never posted the photographs online, I decided to post both the colored version and the black and white converted versions. I also will not critique the way I took the photographs and how that influenced the way the black and white conversion like I did with the Arizona Renaissance Festival photographs. Continue reading “April 28, 2017 Cactus Blossom Color and Black and White Photographs”

Saguaro Cactus Blossoms and Fruit

If anyone knows about when the Saguaro cactus bloom, they probably think it’s odd I’m making a post about the Saguaro blossoms in the last half of June is a little odd. Saguaros like to bloom in May, not June, but thanks to the unseasonably cool temperatures for May the Saguaros are blooming a little late this year. Some of the Saguaros around where I live already bloomed back in early April and their fruit already fell off, but those particular Saguaros have a track record of blooming early and their fruit falling off early as well.

Back in May, I was too ill from the pain my growth spurts caused to go out for a walk to the Saguaros that were blooming and take photos. And in June I was too busy working to go and take photos of the Saguaro blooms, but a few days ago I was able to go out and take photos of the Saguaros that still have buds or the blooms have now become fruit.

The photos are not as impressive as it would be if I took photos of the blossoms in full bloom, but hey! I’m glad to get photos of this year’s blossoms at all! I also took some photos of the ribs of a cactus that fell over this past winter and the discoloration to one of the Saguaros has after the major freezing this past January. (The frost didn’t melt until past 10 AM, which is so weird for the deserts of Arizona!)

I hope you enjoy the photos!