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YouTube, Art, Photography, and Computer Update- February 10, 2022

Well, this year has been an interesting one for me. Every year is interesting, but I never had so many life and work changes before February. Because of this, I let some things that I need to work on and do slide. One of these things are post YouTube videos, art, and photography I took recently. Even though I have video ideas as well as photographs and art to post, there is something I need to do that I postponed until now: Buy a new computer.I use a desktop computer, but I favor using my laptop to edit photographs and create art as well as editing YouTube videos. Since late 2019, my laptop has acted up. It’s struggled to edit anything in Photoshop and videos, but I thought it was because I needed to replace parts, specifically the RAM and/or hard drive, of it. Even though I thought the computer just needed a part of two to be replaced, I seriously considered buying a new one.

I started my search in January 2020, but I could find one in the configuration I wanted it in. I did find one in March 2020, but I didn’t buy it. Unfortunately, all the schools in the area closed and required laptop computers for each student to use for learning. That’s when all the computers, including the one I wanted, sold out. For the next year and half, my laptop continued to struggle, but didn’t have many problems that would force me to buy a new one.

In mid 2021, I began to have too many problems with my computer that I had to stop uploading videos for a while. By late 2021, I couldn’t edit photographs well. These problems continued until this month, when I decided I had enough. I decided it was time to purchase a new laptop.

As of the writing of this post, I already ordered a new computer. I’m nervous about it because it is very expensive, as all electronics are right now, but it does have the ability to do everything I need it as well as the memory and storage I need as well. I would like to talk more about the computer more after I get it and see how it works.

Since I’m in between computers, I cannot upload videos right now. Even though I have a desktop, I use that for work only because it doesn’t have the ability to do the photo editing and video editing. I can still use my current laptop, but it is very inconsistent with it’s ability to work. Since I cannot edit photographs or do any art, I won’t be able to post them for a while. Same thing goes for YouTube videos.

In the mean time, I plan on still drawing and taking photographs. I won’t be able to post anything for a while, but I’m more worried about my replacement computer than posting photographs and art. I do have some new posting coming soon with photographs, but I took the photographs before my computer began to have major problems. I’m very optimistic about my new computer and that it will make editing photographs and video much easier, even though the price tag scares me badly!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!