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Jane Austen at Home by Riley Blake Designs Kits Collection

Hi everyone! For the past few months, things have been very busy for me. Since it was so busy, I wasn’t able to sew nearly as much as I planned to. Instead, I was able to begin some house diy projects! Sadly, nothing is finished enough to show off… nor do I probably want to show off online at all! Instead, I decided to talk about something I started to look into purchasing earlier this year: Quilt kits.

Since I’m so busy, I thought purchasing a quilt kit and making it would be more convent than going to a store and picking out the fabric. I still want to return to making quilts with my own self chosen color scheme and fabrics, but right now I can’t afford it (Too many house projects) and I don’t have the time to look for them.

After searching online for quilt kits, I realized there aren’t many that I actually like. Some of they didn’t have the right colors I wanted in a quilt. Others had patterns I didn’t like. After searching, I decided to give up… until I found the Riley Blake Design kit line called Jane Austen at Home. Jane Austen at Home is a line of quilt kits, fabric, and cross stitch patterns inspired by Jane Austen’s novels or her own house.

After looking into the quilt kits, I decided to buy one of each kit I could find. I’m a Jane Austen fan, so these kits were perfect for me. I liked the designs, the colors, and the themes of the quilts. Over the past few months, I purchased each of the kits I knew existed. Right now I am not going to actually make them, mostly due to the fact I am more focused on house projects. Still, I like them so much I wanted to talk about the kits.

I purchased three kits in the collection. There are more, but I was able to find three. I would like to own all the kits in the collection, including cross stitch patterns, but I’m happy with the three kits I already own. I’m also not certain if I would like to own the cross stitch patterns. (I don’t cross stitch, so it wouldn’t make sense to buy them!)

The first kit I purchased is called Jane Austen Coverlet Quilt…

This kit was the one I wanted the most. The kit includes everything needed to make a coverlet quilt inspired by a coverlet created by Jane, her sister Cassandra, and their mother.

The kit includes all the fabric, which has designs based off the actual fabric used in the coverlet, a pattern, and instructions. I knew about the coverlet, (I used to call it a quilt instead of a coverlet!) but I never thought about making my own! Seeing this kit made me want to look into the other kits in the collection.

The second kit I purchased is Jane Austen at Home Pillow Cover Quilt Kit…

The pillow cover quilt kit is similar to the coverlet pattern, but it has more blue in the quilt blocks than the coverlet. I wanted it to create throw pillows to go with the coverlet.

The final quilt kit I purchased is the Jane Austen at Home Sense and Sensibility Barton Cottage quilt kit…

I like the Pride and Predjuece quilt kit, but I really like the design this one makes. It is in the shape of the house and is inspired by Barton Cottage in the book Sense and Sensibility.

I really love the attention to detail on these quilt kits. I love the style of the boxes the quilts come in. They look like books and, once the quilts are finished, they can be used as storage and/or display boxes!

I’m still not sure when I will make these kits. I purchased all the kits throughout this year (2023). Back then, I purchased all the kits were available for less than $100 USD. Since then, they have either gone up in price or are no longer available. The only exception is the Sense and Sensibility kit. As of the writing of this post, that one is still available on Amazon for less than $100 USD without tax or shipping.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!