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Fall 2023 Sewing Plans

Hi everyone! It may be summer right now, but I need to focus on my plans for creating a fall wardrobe! My body and lifestyle has changed since last year, so I want to own and wear different clothes. I want to have these clothes ready for when the fall comes. That way I won’t worry about finding clothes when the temperatures change!

After looking through what is available for purchase right now (Which is, obviously, not much) I decided to try to make myself some clothes. I have a bucket list of fall and winter clothes I want to sew and wear but never have. I’m planning on taking this opportunity to actually make some of the things on my list! Even though I probably won’t sew everything on my list, I am optimistic I will!

Hilary Duff Red and Blue Coats

It has been a while since I talked about the Hilary Duff sewing patterns I own in a post. It has also been a while since I talked about the two coats using two coat sewing patterns as well. This year, I would like to make/finish the coats. I have everything I need to make them (I think…) so all I need to do is sit down and work on them.


Knit Fabric Sweater (Or Top)

For years, I wanted to knit myself a sweater or a knitted top. After years of tinkering and knitting, I decided to break down and purchase knit fabric and sew myself a sweater/top instead. I still want to knit myself one, but I want to have something to wear just in case. I already know what I want the pattern to look like. All I need to do is draw it. The only problem I have is trying to find the right knit fabric to buy. I’m very picky about the kind of knit fabrics I wear (I noticed my allergy problems have improved when I wear 100% cotton) so finding the right fabric has be difficult.


Cottage Core Dress… But In My Own Style

I like cottage core dresses, but they are so impractical for me to wear! I also don’t think I will look good wearing them. (I never look right in dresses like them!) So, this fall I decided to make myself a cottage core dress, but in my style! I have at least two ideas for potential dresses. I don’t know how close to cottage core they will be, but I’m considering them close enough. All I need to do is decide on the style, get the fabric, and make the dress.


Flannel Pajama Tops

Last winter was unseasonably cold where I live. This year, I feel inspired to make myself new pajama tops out of flannel fabric. I already made one, but I want at least three more. That way I can wear them several days in a row without the need to wash them repeatedly.


Steampunk/Goth Coat

Ok, so this coat idea is a wildcard for me. It is also the least planned project on this list. I liked certain steampunk/goth style coats, but they aren’t really my everyday fashion style. Still, I would like to make myself one to wear on Halloween. I wanted to dress up on Halloween with clothes that are both costume-like yet practical for running errands and working. (Which is what I normally do on Halloween) I don’t have a major plan for the coat, it’s design, or anything else about it. I have reference pictures I gathered over the years, but that’s about it. I know what kind of fabric I would like to use, but I will get it after I figure out the kind of pattern, style, design, ect.


Free People Inspired Tops

I want to make myself some Free People inspired tops. I really like to shop at Free People for tops and dresses, but they are expensive. Still, I love the design of them enough to make myself some inspired by tops. I am currently doing research into the kind of tops I want to use as inspiration and how to tweak them to fit me better. Also, I have my eye on fabric I would like to use.


A Potential Halloween Costume (Or Four)

It’s been a while since I made myself a Halloween costume. I have three costumes I would like to make, but I want to focus on them, one at a time. They are a 1700’s dress, a witch costume, and something cosplay-ish. I don’t know what cosplay-ish will be, but I know it will be an actual existing character. I also want to make myself a general princess and/or queen dress. Not a specific princess like Belle for Beauty and the Beast or Anna or Elsa from Frozen. Just a royal, fairy tale dress. I don’t know which one I will make first, but I am excited to make them!


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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