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Black Paper Sketches

A few weeks ago, I bought a book of black drawing paper on sale. I’ve seen artist online draw on colored paper before, but I never thought about trying to draw on colored paper myself. Since I wanted to expand my drawing skills, I decided to try to draw on it!

When I brought the paper home, I didn’t know how I’d like drawing on it or if any of my drawings turned out well. Fortunately, I really like drawing on it and my drawings turned out better than I thought they would. I don’t want to sell prints of the drawings, but it was a good practice!

Since I drew several drawings, I decided to clump them into one big post instead of spread them out over many posts. (It also encourages me to draw more original art and not depend on my old art for blog posts!)

For the first few drawings I used only about five (Or six? I don’t remember the exact number.) colored pencils. I didn’t do it on peruse, I misplaced the rest of my colored pencils and couldn’t find them until days latter. I thought about delaying drawing on the black paper until I found the pencils, but I thought it might be interesting to see how many drawings I could make with only five (Or six.) colors. I ended up drawing four drawings before I had to stop due to distractions.

The first one was a flower…

black paper sketch flower 3

Then I drew an amoeba… thing…

black paper sketch funky

I just wanted to color something and not worry about making it look like something. So I drew that. I still call it “amoeba thing”.

Next I drew some more flowers…

black paper sketch flower 1

And another flower before I found my other colored pencils…

black paper sketch flower 2

While drawing everything in lavender and purple, it dawned on me that a fire drawing would look good against the black background. After I found my other colored pencils, I drew flames…

black paper sketch fire

I’m really pleased with how the flames look against the black paper! I have other plans for other drawings with flames, but I don’t have the time to draw them now. *sigh* Busy busy busy life.

Anyway, I did draw one more drawing before I stopped my black drawing paper drawing spree. I drew some leaves…

black paper sketch leaves

The leaves started out as a maple leaf, a palm fern, and leaves I saw on the fake flowers I have decorating my house. Those leaves ended up not looking anything like the real leaves and became stylized leaves. XD

And that’s all the drawings I did on black drawing paper right now! I still have other ideas for more drawings, but I’ve been awfully busy lately so I don’t have the time to draw as much as I’d like to. *sigh* I hope things ease up soon. I miss drawing!

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