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Clara Oswald’s Nightmare in Silver Costume

Contrary to my original plans, I didn’t dress up in a costume for this year’s Phoenix Comicon. I can go on and on about why I didn’t dress up, how mad I am that I didn’t, and so on, but that won’t change the fact I didn’t dress up. Instead I’m going to make a series of posts of the costumes I made and planned to wear to the convention!

One of the first characters I was going to dress up as is Clara Oswald from Nightmare in Silver. Although the Cybermen are the monster I hate the most from Doctor Who, I liked Nightmare in Silver. I especially liked that Clara carried a big gun. I always wanted to carry a huge, cool-looking prop weapon with a costume, but I don’t have the knowledge to make one myself. Unless it’s made out of paper. Then I can build it. But if it has electronics? Forget it. I’m a seamstress. Not a prop master. Still, the idea of having a costume already made and the only thing missing was a gun attracted me to the costume.

Here’s what the whole entire costume looks like finished…


And this is what the skirt looks like by itself…


I made the skirt myself because I couldn’t find a skirt in my size for sale in a price that fit in my pre-convention budget. It was easier and cheaper for me to buy fabric on Spoonflower and make one from scratch. So I did.

The skirt was made out of basic cotton and can be found here. The fabric designer suggested to make the skirt out of performance knit, but I wanted to make mine out of cotton so it would drape differently. I’m very fond of this skirt, but I’d like to make another out of the performance knit in the future so it will look more like the skirt used in the episode.

I used Simplicity pattern 1500 for most of this skirt, but I did modify it so it would look like the real skirt. I did made a boo boo while making the skirt by making skirt too small. I had to add some fabric to the front so it would fit me. Normally I would add the extra fabric to the side or back so it wouldn’t be so noticeable, but I liked how the added fabric looked when sewn in the front, so I made it that way. The skirt has pockets in the sides and is fully lined with cotton fabric. You can see the photos I took while I worked on the skirt on my Tumblr here.

That’s all I have for this costume! Except the shoes. I don’t have photos of the shoes I bought to wear with them (and many other outfits I own) but then again I don’t think anyone minds too much. XD

I have other Clara Oswald costumes on my list of to-make costumes and the costumes I was going to wear to the Phoenix Comicon so expect them to show up in posts in the future. 🙂

That’s all for now!

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