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5 Costumes I Would Like to Make in 2021

It’s almost the end of July, but I would like to make something to wear for Halloween. I like to plan and make Halloween costumes early because my work load can be inconsistent, so there is always a chance I cannot work on a costume in October. For many years I had to scrap my Halloween sewing plans for a variety of reasons, mostly work or health related, but I wanted to change that for 2021.

This year, I narrowed down my list of to-make costumes to five. (Actually, it’s five and two maybes. While writing this post I remembered there are two “costumes” that I wanted to make, but I don’t know if I will get them done because of how complicated they are.) I don’t think I will get them all done in time for Halloween, but I intend on at least getting one costume done before Halloween. I’m also not counting my other Halloween sewing projects I never finished. Believe it or not, my to-make list of Halloween sewing projects is much longer than anything costume related, so I don’t want to include them on this list. Also, all the costumes I mention in this post are costumes I already have the fabric and/or most of the supplies to make. So, all I need to do is sit down and actually make them.

Bell’s Dress From the Live Action Version of Beauty and The Beast

Out of all the costumes on this list, Bell’s dress from the live action version of Beauty and The Beast is the most likely one I will start, and possibly finish, before Halloween. Although I don’t like the dress as much as I do the cartoon version (Or Disney Parks versions of the dress), I found the right fabric and own a pattern to make it. Also, as I type this post, the fabric is still in it’s folded position waiting to be turned into the dress. (I also see it every time I look up from my computer as I type this post.) I waited long enough to work on it. So, this dress will probably be made before Halloween. And there may be glitter designs on the skirt. I originally intended on making designs on the skirt out of embroidery and beading, but now I don’t really care about it. Glitter will work well. It also gives me a chance to try out some new ideas I have to make glitter stick to fabric without flaking off.


Violet’s Dress (Or a Variation of It) From Shakespeare In Love

Out of all the costumes on this list, Violet’s costumes from Shakespeare in Love is the oldest costume I ever wanted to make. I didn’t watch Shakespeare in Love until I was an adult (It’s rated R) but there were enough video and photographs of the movie for me to fall in love with the costumes. Since then, I wanted to make one of Violet’s costumes. I finally have the fabric (Or potential fabric) for the costume and I purchased a reprinted version of the Simplicity sewing pattern based off one of her dresses.


Claire’s Wedding Dress from Outlander

I love Claire’s wedding dress from the series Outlander and wanted to make one for years. I began to work on a version of the dress years ago, but I never finished it. I hope to finish making my first attempt at the dress before the end of the year.


Edith Cushing from Crimson Peak

I wanted to make at least two of Edith Cushing’s outfits/dresses from the movie Crimson Peak for years. I already made a less costly version of a skirt from one of her outfits, but I never talked about it online. This time, I would like to make the whole entire outfit and remake the skirt using some beautiful silk taffeta I purchased for it. The only delay with the costume is I don’t remember where I put the fabric. I hope to find the fabric as soon as I get the chance to declutter a lot of things I held onto and really don’t need anymore. Otherwise, I have the pattern for the skirt, a pattern for the shirt, and a pattern for the jacket.


German Medieval or French Medieval Dress

I have the fabric to make two Medieval dresses from two different countries: Germany and France. I’m not sure which one I will actually attempt to make, but I think I may work on the French dress first because it is the easiest to make. I hope to either finish it before the end of the year or start both dresses before the end of the year.


Wild Card Costume 1: Elie Saab Fall/Winter 2016/2017 Haute Couture Dress

I love Elie Saab’s Fall/Winter 2016/2017 haute couture collection. It’s been five years since I saw the dresses for the first time and I’m still in love with them. The collection is formal dresses inspired by Medieval dresses. Since I love the collection so much, I would like to make at least one of the dresses. I don’t have the fabric for it (Or even narrowed down which dress I would like to make) but I think it’s time to start seriously considering making one sooner than later.


Wild Card Costume 2: Look 5 from Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2011 Haute Couture

Another haute couture fashion collection I love is the Dior Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Even though I love almost all the clothes in the collection, look 5 is by far my favorite. I wanted to make it for years, but I never sat down and actually tried to make it. I already own the fabric and a few Christian Dior for Vogue sewing patterns patterns to use as a base, but everything has sat in storage. I thought I would be able to make it in April 2020 during the pandemic lock down, but I was too busy with work and other things to even start making it. I would like to get at least a start on making the pattern and making it fit before the end of this year.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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