I Finally Opened an Etsy Store!

That’s right! I finally opened a store on Etsy! It’s a long time coming, but I finally got everything together and opened it. Preparing to open the store is also why I don’t make as many posts as I want to. (Busy sewing and such) Here’s the link: http://etsy.com/shop/EmmorHunter

My Etsy store is called Emmor Hunter. Funny name, but hey. It’s original and that’s what I was looking for. :D The purpose of my Etsy store is to sell limited run prints of my art and photography, original art (Sketches, watercolor paintings, ect.), and to sell some things I’ve sewn.

Here are some of the items I’m currently selling in my store…

In the art category…

  • Clara’s Headband 4″ by 5″ cards.
  • Triforce Nouveau 4″ by 5″ inch cards.
  • Golden Sunset No. 2 4″ by 5″ inch cards.

Envelopes are included with the cards.

I’m currently working on getting the limited run prints of the photos I took organized right now so don’t expect them to show up soon. I’ll announce when they and any limited run art prints are for sale.

Of course I didn’t forget about the sewing! I’ve been planning on making and selling some Rose Tyler Idiot’s Lantern dresses for a while now. I finished one dress and now it’s for sale! Here’s what the dress looks like…


Fair warning, although the dress has a flaw in the back (Fabric on the zipper doesn’t match up perfectly), this dress is expensive. I can’t get around cutting costs that much because of the amount of hand sewing I do with the dress. Especially since I hand sewed the sequins onto the bodice.

I also have some Christmas socks for sale there too! They’re not for sale at this time because I wanted to time the time of the listing so the listing will end after Christmas is over, but still have plenty of time before Christmas to sell them. I’ll announce when I’ll have them available for purchase.

Well, I think that’s everything!

I’ll keep everyone posted on new additions to the store (Beyond the Christmas socks).

That’s all for now!

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