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The Love Birds Digital Painting

I finished a new painting! It’s called The Love Birds and, although I call it a digital painting, it’s not 100% digital. I drew it on paper, scanned it, and then began to work on the painting in Gimp.

lovebirds scaleda

Lately I’ve been working on new fabric designs for Spoonflower (I’ll be slowing down on the fabric designs soon so I can work on other things) and this is one of the designs. The inspiration for this painting was Scandinavian painted furniture. I’ve always thought painted furniture were pretty, but I never had the money (Or room) to buy one. This is my way of saving space and money and still have the designs I like so much.

The painting is currently available on Redbubble and Society6. It will be available on Spoonflower after I receive the fabric test swatch.

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