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Sketchbook Saturday- The Princess and The Frog

Well, we’ve come to our last post in the Sketchbook Saturday post series! I’ve run out of drawings to feature, but that’s just for the sketch books I could find. I have plenty of sketch books I didn’t remember I drew in so there is a chance the series might come back someday soon. But not for at least a month.

Today’s sketch is of The Princess and The Frog….

The Princess and The Frog- Pencil sketch
The Princess and The Frog- Pencil sketch

I’ve been holding back this sketch for the last post because I’m still working on it. I was coloring it digitally, but due to computer problems, I had to stop. Then I lost the files.  And it’s sat waiting for me to work on it for months. Since I lost the original scan of the drawing, I need to remake a scan and start from scratch. It might not be a bad thing. I remember when I was coloring it, I didn’t like how certain parts were turning out. Now I can change the parts I don’t like!

This is the first of two drawings I did of The Princess and The Frog. The second was of the Princess placing a crown on the Frog’s head while he sat back, relaxing on a fancy pillow. Both are really cute, but I don’t know where I put the other drawing. Ugh.

Well, that’s it for the Sketchbook Saturday posts! Thank you for reading and I’ll continue to post about my art. It just won’t be every Saturday and they won’t all be sketches!

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