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Clara’s Leafs Fabric Design

I have a new fabric design available for sale based off a dress worn by Clara Oswald in Doctor Who. It’s the second one I’ve done and this time, it’s based off the fabric used for the Topshop pinstripe dress. The dress was used for the season 8 episode Deep Breath.  This is how the original dress fabric design looks like…


And here’s what mine looks like…

deep breath leafs complete scaleda

It’s not the same as the original dress’ fabric, but I did this on purpose so I wouldn’t infringe on copyrights, and because I like the feathers. 🙂

And here’s what the fabric design looks like as a fabric swatch (8 inches by 8 inches)…


The original reason why I wanted to make this fabric design is because I wanted to get one of the Topshop dresses, but by the time I found out the name, where they can be bought, ect. they were sold out. Also, based off previous experience with Topshop dresses, I don’t think this particular dress would fit my bust, even if I bought the largest size available. So, my only option is to make one from scratch. Thus the fabric design.

You can purchase the design here on Spoonflower. It is also for sale on Redbuble.(I’m currently working on adding it to Society6)

As for the dress, I’m currently in the process of deciding which pattern (Or no pattern at all) to use to make my dress. I don’t think any sort of progress on making the dress will show up anytime soon, but I’ll keep everyone posed on what I end up doing. 🙂

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