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Clara Oswald Painting

A few months ago I went through some of my old Doctor Who fan art when I realized I didn’t have a Clara Oswald fan art! Sure, I made fabric designs for her clothes, but I didn’t paint Jean Coleman as Clara Oswald. Back in June I began to work on the painting, but after computer problems, distractions, and outright forgetting about the painting left the painting unfinished until yesterday.

Here’s what it looks like…

clara1k signed scaled address

This painting was done as an experiment for different tools, shading, ect. for my digital paintings. I already knew how to use the shading and such with traditional art, but I don’t think I’m very skilled in using them digitally. Now the painting is done, I’m pleased with the way it turned out and how the “experiments” look in the painting.

I don’t think this will be the start of a new series of Doctor Who paintings, but it was nice to revisit painting Doctor Who characters!

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