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Idiot’s Lantern Dress~ Part 1

Since it’s taking me a long time to work and make posts about the new Idiot’s Lantern dress, I decided to split the posts into parts. So, this is part one of how ever many posts needed to make until I finish the dress!

Anyway, here is the progress I’ve made on sewing the sequins onto Version 2 of the dress….


I didn’t work on the dress for a few weeks because I was more concerned about what I was going to make and wear to the Phoenix Comicon. Now that it’s over, I can resume working on it.

In other Idiot’s Lantern dress news…

After a lot of thought, I decided to make a third dress, this time out of sequined fabric.

Here’s the fabric I’m talking about…


As you can see in the photo, the sequins are already sewn on the fabric. No sequin sewing required. I found the fabric in the clearance section of my local Joann’s for $12 (United States dollars) a yard. I found fabric similar to it online, but I wanted to be able to see and touch the fabric before I buy it. I debated between this fabric and another fabric, confetti dot fabric, but the store didn’t have it in light pink. Just bright, dark pink. I thought about looking at another store, but the Joann’s near my house is already a 35-45 minute drive so I didn’t want to drive even farther just to get the fabric I wanted.

Also, I have the fabric for the skirt!


The fabric on the top is taffeta while the fabric on the bottom is the same type satin in the same I used for the original dress’ skirt. Both were either on sale or on clearance. I think I’ll use the satin for the skirt and taffeta as the backing for the sequin fabric. I have to back the sequined fabric because it is sheer. (And a knit… so I plan on treating the sequin fabric it isn’t stretchy.)

This version with the sequined fabric, which I’m calling “Version 3”, is just a test to see how it will turn out. I like to think version 3 is the “normal” version while version 2 is the “deluxe” version. I do plan on wearing both of them, but #3 will be worn when I’m worried I might get the dress dirty while #2 will be for special occasions.

I will say this, after buying all the loose sequins again, version 3 takes far less money to make than version 2. And less time too!

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