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Snow White’s Mirror Mirror Dress~ Part 1

Before attending the Phoenix Comicon, I felt sad because I didn’t have a pretty, princess dress to wear there. I loved Snow White’s dress from the movie Mirror Mirror and I always thought about making one for myself one day. I do hear online that Mirror Mirror isn’t the best movie based off Snow White’s story, but I thought it was ok. And the costumes were amazing. After staring at fabric and calculating how much money I had on me, I decided it was time to start to sew myself the dress for myself.

This is the dress I’m talking about…


The main patterns I’m using for the dress is Simplicity #1728 and McCall’s #6629, but I’ll pull out other patterns to use them if I need to. The two patterns I’m using look like the dress, only less fanciful and more practical for walking around a party. (Or convention!) I’ve used the Simplicity pattern before and I really do love the bodice! The sleeves allow me to move my arms far more freely than the dress in the movie would. This is important to me because I like being able to move my arms without ripping a seam. (I think others would like that luxury too!)

Here’s the fabric I picked out for the main part of the dress…


Everything in the photo is poly satin. I chose poly satin because I wanted the fabric to be shinny, but not expensive. (Such as silk) I also wanted to be able to see the fabric in person and compare colors without having to buy the right color in the photo online, but the fabric looked different. The turquoise fabric ended up not getting used for this dress, but it will be reused for another costume I have planned. The light blue fabric in the photo is the right type of shinny I wanted it to be, but the light blue in the real dress isn’t that shinny. So, I’m going to use the wrong side of the light blue fabric. This should make the royal blue fabric be the dominant shinny fabric while the light blue is more subtitle.

I’ll post more about this costume once I start to sew it together.


    • essieofwho

      Yay!!! I’m not the only one who likes the movie! Yes, I am going to have a bright orange bow. I’m currently trying to find fabric that’s the same or similar color orange as the one in the movie. I thought it would be easier than it really is!

    • Megan

      I love this movie, I’ve seen it 4 times. And I agree that finding fabric for this dress is hard. I keep hoping to see the right color of blue and orange in fabrics that I can afford, but their always the much more expensive taffeta and silks.

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