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Fire Horse Painting

I’m still practicing on getting better using Photoshop and I thought I’d try to use a transparent background for a new painting. I never made my art available for sale as t-shirts because I never knew how to work with a transparent background. This is because I didn’t know how to turn non-transparent background paintings to have a transparent background. I’m currently planning on learning, or practicing at least, how to do this in the near future, but for now I decided to get familiar working with a transparent background.

One of the first paintings I did with a transparent background is a companion to my Princess Horse painting. This time, it’s fire horse!

horseiee scaled signed

I like how it turned out. I’m still trying to get used to the way the brushes on Photoshop work. The air brushes are different than Gimp’s. I don’t have to struggle to force the color out of them by pushing hard on my tablet. It’s really nice! I used to have so many problems with Gimp and how it responded to anything I wanted it to do. Even when I downloaded it for the first time I had problems. Photoshop is so much nicer. I can’t believe it. I’m still learning and the control I have over the brushes are not as nice as I’d like it to be, but I can see progress.

The painting is available for sale on Redbubble and Socitey6. You can also see the painting on DeviantART here.

I have some other paintings I’m currently working on, some of which are paintings I started to work on in Gimp and never completed. I hope to talk about them in the future, unless I get lazy with my posts. Hope that doesn’t happen!

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