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New Fabric Designs For Sale- Heart Damask Part 1

Sorry about the lack of posts… well… anywhere! I’ve mentioned this before, but I the am currently the caretaker of an ill family member. Because of this, I don’t have the time and energy to update social networking sites frequently. I’m still active on them, but so far I am unable to finish anything enough to photograph and blog/post about. Despite this, I’m still working on new drawings and I’m still sewing things for my Etsy store. I’m very slow, but I’m still working!

Earlier this year, when my care taking duties became more time and energy consuming, I started to work on some new fabric designs for Spoonflower. Although I only intended on creating one design for a dress I want to make in the future, I ended up creating over ten new designs. I was able to finish one design so far, but there are many others I plan on working on and finishing by the end of this year. I think the reason why I have so many new fabric designs is because I’ve been so bad about drawing every week that I had a massive amount of ideas in my head without any way of getting them out of my head. XD

The first design I finished from this collection of designs is what I call Heart Damask…

heart damask fabric design 1

This design was one I imagined using as an applique on a dress. I’m still working on the color combination for the hearts on my imagined dress, but once I finish it, I will make that a fabric design as well. 😀

In addition to this design, I also have other variations of this design. I ended up splitting the design into two different designs…


and made it available different colors.


All the fabric designs are in the collection Heart Damask, found here:

Although I think I went a little crazy with the color variations of this design, there are still other color variations coming. The new colors will be pastel colors, so if anyone wants this design in a softer, lighter color, they’re coming! Also, there will be other fabric designs coming soon. For some I’m still working on the coloring of them. For others I’m waiting to collect enough designs so I can make a bulk swatch order. I’m not sure how long it will take to finish the designs and order swatches, but I’ll make a post about them when they are ready to purchase.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!