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Thoughts on Sewing While Sick

Hi everyone! As I write this post, I am currently feeling under the weather. I hate feeling under the weather because it could me different things, including potential unintentional exposure to something I am allergic to. Right now, I think the problem is actually due to a virus that has been going around the area where I live. (Aside from Covid-19, there are other virus floating around the area where I live) Whenever I feel down, I try to cheer myself up by doing something that makes me happy. Right now, that is reading books, watching movies, and sewing.

Although these hobbies make me happy, I am very nervous about sewing while sick. I have bad stories about how I misread pattern instructions, cut fabric incorrectly, and did a generally poor job of sewing a garment. Today, I know that I made these mistakes because I was more focused on my health than actually sitting down and focusing on sewing. Still, these bad experiences from sewing have made me wary of picking up new sewing projects whenever I feel sick.

This is not an uncommon issue. Feeling sick due to an illness is a distraction from the sometimes complex job sewing can be. One wrong cut means buying all new fabric. Sewing things the wrong way could cause delays while using those dreaded seam rippers to undo the mistake and resew everything correctly. And even then things may not look as nice as you planned it to be.

Sewing is definitely a hard thing to do while sick. Yet, it can also be rewarding. Years ago, when I struggled with long term health issues, sewing was the best way for me to release the pain I felt. This pain was something I couldn’t take any pain relievers for, so distraction was the best pain reliever. Sewing was the best way for me to focus. I also really enjoyed creating things I can wear!

Sewing while suffering from an illness is a hard decision to make. During these times, I like to take on easier sewing projects. I can’t do this all the time, but sometimes I have the chance to do it.

Right now, I have some easier sewing projects to work on. If I wasn’t sick and had a choice, it’s not the project I wanted to work on at this time. Yet, it is something I can handle right now. It makes me happy to sew something and see it come together!

Well, that’s all for now Thank you for reading!

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