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Spoonflower Contest Entry Design: Star Medallion 1… and Other Star Medallion Designs

Earlier this year I decided to try to enter more of Spoonflower’s weekly fabric design contests. It’s been years since I entered one of their contests, mostly because I was too busy to create a new design just for a contest, so I felt very out of practice and nervous about entering again. The first contest I entered was for a limited color pallet. The design was supposed to be a Christmas theme and, although I didn’t make it into the top ten designs, I enjoyed the challenge.

The design I entered into the contest is called Star Medallion 1…

My original idea was to create a medallion design inspired by the three gifts given by the magi to Jesus in the Bible. After some thought, I decided the idea was too complex so I picked one of the medallion designs as my entry. The one I picked was my favorite of the three designs.

Although I picked one of the medallion designs as my contest entry, I finished the two other medallion designs using the contest’s limited color pallet…

You can see the three designs on Spoonflower here…

Even though my design didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, and I didn’t win or make the top ten, I am happy with the way each design turned out. Also, after entering the contest, I felt inspired to enter more of Spoonflower’s weekly contests. I didn’t win any of those either, nor did I make it into the top ten, but I am happy with my efforts and the chance to get out of my fabric design comfort zone. I will talk about the other contest entry designs in future posts.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!