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Marvel’s Avengers Rectangle Skirt

Hi everyone! A few months ago, I went to the movies to see Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. I originally wanted to see it on opening weekend, and planned to dress up for fun. Even though I planned on dressing up, I decided not to, mostly because I didn’t have the time to finish any of my Avenger costumes. Instead, I decided to make a skirt to wear with a shirt I bought.

After finishing the skirt, I got sick and ended up not seeing the movie until a few weeks after it opened. Even though I was disappointed I couldn’t see it when I wanted to, and already knew what happened in the movie because of social media, I am happy I finished the skirt in one night’s work and had it ready to wear when I was able to watch the movie!

In addition to this post, I also made a video of how I made it. It’s not a walk-through of how I made the skirt, mostly because I made it in one night and didn’t care to record every little detail, but if you’re curious to see how I sewed the skirt so fast (And any corners I cut because I was running short on time) feel free to check out the video! You can see it here…

Now onto the post!

The fabric I used is a cotton fabric with Marvel characters printed on it…

I bought the fabric from Walmart. I bought over 5 yards of the fabric, but I ended up needing much less than that.

In addition to the Marvel fabric, I bought eight yards of black cotton to use as the waistband…

The reason why I bought eight yards is because I needed the black cotton not only for this skirt, but for other projects. It was easier and more convenient to buy the fabric all at once.

In addition to the black cotton fabric, I bought three yards of a cheep back fabric with black flocking diagonal stripes…

I thought it would be great for the outer fabric and the cotton would be the lining, but after cutting the fabric apart, I found the fabric was too wide and had a fold line through the middle of the fabric and left a bald, straight line where the flocking should be. Since I was in such a rush, I didn’t want to spend time trying to figure out how to work around the missing flocking. So, I decided to use only the black cotton.

I “cut” the fabric into straight lines by tearing the fabric into the sizes I wanted them to be. This gave me consistently straight lines and also cut down the amount of time I spent cutting the fabric. If you are unfamiliar with tearing fabric, there are videos and blog posts that explain how it is done and the advantages to it, but my favorites are here, here and here.

After I cut the fabric, I sewed the black fabric to the Marvel print fabric by using French seams. I could’ve used my serger, which would’ve sped up my sewing progress, but I put my serger away for storage and I didn’t want to drag it out for one simple project and then put it into storage.

After I finished sewing the black fabric to the Marvel print fabric, I sewed the panels together, hemmed the bottom of the skirt, sewed the waistband on, put the elastic in the waistband, tied the loose threads, and then it was done!

Here’s what it looks like on my dress form…

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing how I made this skirt! I wish I had more time to work on it, but I’m happy with the way the skirt turned out, especially since I started working on it and finished it in one night’s work!

Thank you for reading!

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