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On an Etsy Store Vacation!

Hi everyone! I decided to take a “vacation” from my Etsy store. This vacation starts today, November 24, 2014 through March 1, 2015. I decided to do this because the end of year holidays start this week (For the United States at least) and my normal job will become very busy after January 1. Normally I don’t have much to do at my job and, since I work from home, I can spend down time making things for myself, my family, and for sale. This changes in the beginning of the year, which means can’t sew things for my shop and myself and be pleased with the construction of everything I make.

Although I’m calling this break a “vacation”, the Etsy store will still have things for sale. I do have Christmas things currently for sale, but I’ll take them down on December 22. I plan on re-listing them next year. Everything else (Sans the abstract star skirt) will still be available for sale and will be shipped if bought, but no new items will be listed until March 2, 2015. This vacation and the busy job won’t affect drawing and painting though! I still plan on painting, learning more about Photoshop, and talking about my new paintings and what I learned here…. if I remember to sit down and actually write a post! XD

During this vacation, I’ll be focusing on personal projects. I have so many personal projects that are incomplete it’s getting out of hand. Also, the fabric I purchased for personal projects migrated into the Etsy store fabrics and it’s becoming hard to figure out which fabric is for personal projects and which fabric is for the Etsy store. Knowing me, I’ll probably end up making things for sale in the store anyway. 🙂

If anyone has any questions about anything in the Etsy store or the vacation, comment bellow or use the form on the contact me page here.

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