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November 2014 Sunset Photographs

It’s been a while since I made a post about photographs I’ve taken, mostly because the photos I’ve taken are more personal (Family, friends, my dog, ect.) instead of at conventions and public events that I feel comfortable posting them here. Also, my camera is acting stupid again so it’s become hit-and-miss when it comes to how clear and nice my photos turn out to be. The camera is still hanging on and working, but I’m beginning to wonder if and when I’ll need to get a new camera.

Anyway, for the past week Arizona had many pretty sunsets with nice clouds and colorful skies. Every time I saw the sky turn pink, I would grab my camera and take photos in my favorite spots. Here’s a few of my favorites…

DSC09160a scaleda DSC09163a scaleda DSC09165a scaleda DSC09166a scaleda DSC09173a scaleda

DSC09178a scaleda DSC09182a scaleda

And just for fun, here’s some birds sitting on an electric wire while I took photos…

DSC09181a scaleda

All the photos were edited in Photoshop using auto color correction. Usually it works well and makes the photos the same color as whatever I was taking the photos of, but sometimes it makes it off and really really weird. This isn’t all the time, but it happens. On these photos the auto color correction works well which made me happy. The colors are far more accurate to the colors the sky was when I took the photos.

That’s it for the photos! I wish I had more nice photos to show everyone, but alas. They’re either sunsets or those personal photos I talked about in the beginning of the post. 😛

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