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Cosplay Update for Rose Tyler Costume (and other stuff)

Long time coming post! My life gets crazier than I tend to notice so sewing costumes and clothes I want to make take longer and are harder for me to complete. None more so than my Rose Tyler Idiot’s Lantern dress which has a bodice that I sewed thousands of individual sequins onto by hand. About a week ago, I finished the whole entire bodice.

Here’s a photo of the completed bodice…. (Clicking on the picture will take you to the page of the whole costume)

First version of the bodice, front and back
First version of the bodice, front and back

The bodice isn’t as completely perfectly symmetrical and probably couture designers would grumble about it, but I’m pleased with the result. I don’t have any photographs of the completed dress or me wearing the completed dress, but I hope that when I feel better (I’m currently fighting some sort of sickness that I’m beating back pretty well) I can get someone I know to take some pictures of me wearing the dress.

After the weight of sewing the Rose dress has been lifted off my shoulders, I’ve begun to work on other costumes including Umi Ryuzaki from Magic Knight Rayearth, Romana i from Doctor Who, and Merida from Brave. Here’s the progress of Merida’s dress sleeves which are made out of blue stretch velvet….

I’m pretty excited about these costumes. They’re not as tediously hard as the others I’ve been working on so that makes me happy. I hope I can get these costumes, including completing a costume from the video game Fable 3, completed by the end of the month. So far I’m on my way to doing it. ^_^

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