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Walk Around Main Street in Florence, Arizona- February 17, 2018- Pinal County Historical Court House Part 2

It’s been a few months since I posted another post about my photographs and adventures on February 17, 2018. I needed to take some time off to allow me to work on other posts that are more relevant to the season and what’s going on at that time. But now things have calmed down and I’m back to posting my photographs and taking about my adventures walking around Florence that day.In my previous post, I walked through the parking lot next to the second Pinal County Court House to see the First Presbyterian Church of Florence. After taking the photographs, I walked back to the court house to take a few more photographs.

One of those photographs was of a street light in the parking lot…

These lights aren’t that historically important, so taking a photograph of it seems like an odd choice for a photograph. Even though this lamp light is not as important as other lamp lights I took photographs of that day, I remember these lamp lights whenever I went to the court house as a child. I remember seeing this lamp light as a child. When it was on at night, it did not do a good job lighting up the area. None the less, I remembered it being a part of the area, even if it didn’t fit in with the architecture of the plaza or didn’t put out enough light to make them useful lights. Since I wanted to take photographs of everything I saw, remembered, and had a important memory to me, I wanted to make sure I took a good photograph of one of the lamp lights.

After looking at the lamp light, I walked back to the court house and began to take more photographs of the building…

Although I took more photograph of the court house, I decided not to post them because they are photographs of things on and around the court house the have a special meaning to me, but won’t make much sense to anyone else.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!