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Fabric Design Features and Reviews!

I’ve been meaning to make a post about the fabric features on Spoonflower and reviews of my fabric online, but I wasn’t able to until now. First, I’ll talk about the features.

The first was featured back in October and it is my Pink and Grey Abstract design. The feature was on Spoonflower’s fabric lists called Feshtastic. The fabric design looks like this…

pink grey abstract fabric

I wasn’t able to write a super excited post about getting featured for this design because I was coming down with the flu and could barely think about anything, let alone write a blog post.

This design can be purchased on Spoonflower here and at Redbubble here. I’m currently working on getting it, along with many other paintings and drawings, uploaded to Society6.

The second fabric design that was featured on Spoonflower was Umbrellas and Raindrops- Pink. This design was featured on the Recent Trends list. The design looks like this…

umrbella raindrops pink

This design was featured last Tuesday. It was a surprise a second design of mine was featured and I cannot tell you how happy I am!

This design was meant for a Spoonflower contests, but I liked it so much I decided to make the umbrella different colors. I’m currently working on all the designs and hope to order the swatches by the end of this week.

You can purchase this design on Spoonflower here. I don’t have this design available as prints and such.

In addition to the fabric features, two of my fabric design was reviewed on The Girls Who Time Forgot blog. (Their website is located here) The designs were Clara’s Anniversary Dress Scaled and Clara’s Leaves. They also compared the Anniversary dress fabric to the original Clara’s Anniversary Dress. I never mentioned here on my blog that I created a scaled version of Clara’s Anniversary Dress a few months ago. The reason why I did this is because I purchased a skirt made of the same fabric the dress worn by Clara Oswald in the Doctor Who episode Day of the Doctor was made from. (From what I know, there is a dress version and a skirt version. Both uses exactly the same fabric and are from the same company, River Island.) After comparing my fabric design to the screen accurate fabric, I realized I made the first version of the fabric way too big. So, I made a scaled version.

Anyway, the review is located here if you want to read it!

That’s all the features and reviews I have to talk about. Thank you for reading!

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