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Playing with Photoshop- Disneyland Photographs

While going through my old photographs, I found two photos I took back in 2007 at Disneyland. I was on a high school band trip at that time and I didn’t have the money nor the way to purchase a digital camera so I used my old Olympus 35mm film camera. I don’t remember much about what type of camera it was sans it was an Olympus and ran on 35mm film.

Anyway, after I came home from the trip, many people wanted prints of my photos. I scanned the prints and printed them off on the home printer. I kept the digital files and a few weeks ago I found them again. I wanted to play with the auto color correct on Photoshop again so I decided to use it on these photos.

Before I talk about the photos, I’d like to say these photos aren’t that great. One is washed out and blurry while the other has a pole in front of what I was taking a photo of. I do have good photos from the trip, but they were never scanned and do not have plans to scan them.

The first photo I edited was taken while waiting to ride the Indiana Jones ride. I never rode it before I still remember how excited I was to ride it. Although I classify as a Fan Girl and a geek, I don’t really “fan out” or get super excited about things that much. Sans the Indiana Jones ride. I adored that ride, soaked up every minute of it, and if I get to go back to Disneyland the Indiana Jones ride will probably be the first ride I’ll run to.

Here’s what the original photo looked like…

Disneyland 1

And here’s what the photo looks like after I auto corrected it…


Disneyland 2

Parts of the photo are brighter and the colors look more true to the way I could remember them, but everything is SUPER washed out. I think the flash went off when I took this photo, but I can’t say for sure. Too much time has passed so I can’t remember.

The second and last photo I edited was of the Star Wars Star Tours ride. I’ve been to Disneyland twice and both times I never got to ride it. I took this photo while walking by the ride. It was my way of telling myself I’ll return one day and ride it… and to prove I got this close to it.

This is what the photo looks like before I edited it…

Disneyland 5

And this is what it looks like after I edited it…

Disneyland 4

The edited one’s colors are more true than the original’s. The original had a yellow hue to it while the other one’s colors are closer to what I remember the colors looking like.

These two photos are the only ones from the Disneyland trip I edited, but based off my experience with editing other photos, I think auto color correct works best if the photos turned out a little yellow and/or if the photos have more colors besides yellow and blue. Otherwise the photo’s colors will be really off. With the camera I use to take most of my photos now-en days, I’ve noticed it does an ok job detecting the colors of whatever I’m taking a photo of and creating a picture that is fairly true to what it looked like in real life. This isn’t the case all the time, but it is certainly the case with night time photos. Daytime photos, on the other hand, need the help.

That’s about it! Thank you for reading.

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