Rose Tyler’s Stolen Earth Jacket- The Alternate Jacket

Its been a while since I talked about making my Rose Tyler Stolen Earth jacket. Since the last post, I ran into so many problems with the jacket that I’m thinking of the jacket and then deciding what I want to fix in a second yet-to-be-planned-for version.

Anyway, I’m taking a break from going conventions for the next few months, I have some extra money to spend, I needed another warm jacket (Growth spurts strike again), and, since I really wanted a jacket that would pass as Rose Tyler’s Stolen Earth jacket, I found one that looked like the jacket online (Ebay to be exact) and bought it.

Here’s what it looks like…




According to the Rose Tyler Costume and Collecting Facebook page, the jacket should have more of a blue hue to the purple. Although my jacket isn’t the right color, I like it anyway. I mention the color difference because I sometimes get asked about the Rose Tyler jackets I make. If anyone is looking for further information about the real jacket (And how rare it is) I’d suggest looking at the Rose Tyler Costume and Collecting Facebook page or Bad Wolf Closet on Tumblr.

After I got the jacket, I began to look at it closely so I can see how the seams match to the original. There are differences between this jacket’s seam placements and the one used in the episode, but it’s fairly close.

I think that’s about it for my jacket. It feels unusual to talk about something I didn’t sew, but since this jacket my show up in the future, I think it’s of note.

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