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Fall Quilt Quilting Progress Update

Hi everyone! I finally made a decision about how large I want my quilt to be. After a lot of thought, I decided to keep the quilt the size it currently is. I don’t like the idea of making the quilt larger because I think the fabric I wanted to add to the border of the quilt will take attention away from the panel’s picture. I also plan on turning the quilt into a wall hanging, but I don’t plan on adding the wall hanging sleeves to it for a while.

Since I decided what the size of the quilt should be, I started to work on actually quilting it!

I wanted to quilt by tracing the lines of the drawing. Since this is difficult to do, and my sewing machine will never allow me to use it to quilt freehand, I decided to hand quilt the whole entire quilt. Before I began to quilt, I needed to pick a thread color to use as my quilting thread.

After a lot of thought, I narrowed my color choices to four colors…

I ultimately decided to pick the dark brown. The brown matched or blended into the line art of the panel the best.

Here are a few photographs of my progress quilting the quilt while using the brown thread…





The thread I used is a all purpose thread, not an official quilting thread. I decided to use all purpose thread because I couldn’t find quilting thread in the shade of brown I liked. Instead, I used the all purpose thread. It worked well and I didn’t mind the difference using a lighter weight thread.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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