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Sewing the English Paper Piecing Onto the Fall Quilt Corners & More

Hi everyone! After I finished working on the English paper piecing applique, I took a long period of time off working on the quilt to focus on other things that required more attention than the quilt. After a month or so of not working on the quilt, I finally had the chance sat down and began to finish the quilt.

Before I worked on anything else on the quilt, I needed to sew the English paper piecing applique onto the corners. I started by taking the paper out and pinning the loose edges down. I didn’t want to iron the fabric because I was afraid ironing the applique would make the glue permanent and will not wash out. It wasn’t that hard, but it did require focus, patience, and taking as much time as needed to make sure the designs held together and the fabric didn’t fray because I was pulling it.

After that, I began to play with the appliques and how I would like them to look on the quilt. When I started working on the quilt, I wanted to make the appliques straight and in line with the border fabric. Yet, when I laid the appliques on the corners, I didn’t like the way they looked.

I used smaller strips of the border fabric as the center of the applique. So, when I laid them down, the appliques looked like they were a continuation of the border. Since the border fabric design is one direction, the applique looked the border was cut off in one direction and not the other. After playing with the direction of the applique, I decided to tilt the applique so the points of the star are in line with the corners instead of the border.

I really loved the way the applique looked this way, so I sewed it down.

And that’s all the sewing I did on my quilt that day. I did decide how big the quilt should be, but I’ll talk about that in the next post.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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