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English Paper Piecing Border Corner Details for the Fall Quilt

After sewing the borders to the quilt panel, I focused on picking an English paper piecing design and the fabric to make it out of.

I thought very hard about what kind of quilt block I wanted to use. After finally hitting a mental road bock, I decided to do a search on Google for quilt blocks. I found a few that I liked, so I saved them, printed them off, and looked at the printed versions in order to make a final decision. After some thought, I picked this quilt block…

It is called the sawtooth star quilt block. I picked it because I liked the way it looked.

The fabric I picked for the sawtooth star quilt block are the small border fabric for the middle of the star…

And this fall leaves fabric for the points…

Using the sawtooth star block I printed, I scaled it until it was small enough to fit into the corner blocks the way I wanted it to. After I was happy with the scale of the block, I had scaled it 60% to 70% smaller than the block’s original size.

Once I scaled the block down, I numbered each piece of the block so I will know which piece goes where on the block. After that, I made four copies of the block on card stock and one on regular copy paper. The block printed on copy paper was the key and the card stock ones were the cores for the English paper piecing. After that, I cut the card stock pieces out, making sure to collect all the pieces for each block and keep them together using a sandwich bag.

While cutting out the card stock pieces, I decided to change the design of the sawtooth star to look better on my quilt. I took away some the field/background pieces and left the main square and the points of the star. I decided to do this because the corners of the border already serves as the background and I liked the way the blocks will look when sewn onto the corners.

After I cut the pieces of the block out, I glued the fabric onto the pieces by roughly cutting the fabric to the size of the blocks with seam allowance. Once the glue dried, I sewed the pieces together by hand edge to edge.

Here is what the English paper pieces look like after being sewn together…

I didn’t mind that the points of the star didn’t lie flat. They would lay flat after I took out the card stock cores and sewed them onto the quilt.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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