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My New Sewing Project: Making a Fall Quilt

Earlier this year, I had the urge to sew again. I normally sew a lot whenever I’m stressed out and, at that time I was very stressed out. So, I decided to start sewing something that would take my mind off my worries. After digging through my pile of fabric, I decided to make a queen sized fall quilt using a panel and fabric I already purchased that correspond with the panel.

The panel that is the focal point of the quilt has a picture of puppies, pumpkins, and a pickup truck. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photograph of the panel before I began to work on it (And if I did, I can’t remember where I saved the photograph) so I took screen captures of the video I recorded of the panel before I sewed it…

I bought this panel at Hobby Lobby during the fall of 2019. The artwork on the panel has an official name and it, and the artist’s name, is credited on the bottom of the panel. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the artwork or the artist’s name. I also cut off the part of the panel that has the information after I sewed the border onto the panel.

In addition to the panel, I also have fabric to make a border around the panel. I plan on using this fabric as the main part of the border…

And this as a contrast for the border corners…

The border fabric, both the fabric with flowers and corner fabric, is from Joann’s fall fabric section and I purchased them in the fall of 2020.

Well, that’s as far as I’ve finished on this quilt. I’m seriously considering changing my mind about making this into a queen sized quilt because I like the size and the way it looks right now. I’ll talk about what my final decision about the size of the quilt in a future post.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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