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Arizona Marigold Wildflower Photograph- May 2021

Last month, I went for a casual drive and saw some wild flowers near the side of the road. It’s been hard to find wild flowers this year because of the lack of rain this year, so when I saw a few flowers on my trip, I stopped and took a few photographs.

The only wild flower I was able to take a picture of is of a Arizona Marigold…


Although I saw other wildflowers on my drive, they weren’t very photogenic. This Marigold looked photogenic, so I focused on taking a picture of it.

I took the photographs using my Iphone 6 Plus. I found my Iphone takes pretty good close up photographs compared to my Canon PowerShot. I normally hate take photographs with the Iphone, but the newer generation Iphones are much better at taking photographs. I still hate the zoom on my Iphone, but the close up photographs are still really great.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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