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Sewing Progress for May 24-28, 2021

During the last week of May, I thought I would be busy with work in the beginning of the week but it would slow down in mid week. Once my work slowed down, I planned to do more sewing. Unfortunately, that’s not how the week went.

At mid week, once work slowed down, I began to have adulting problems. These problems, which included some air conditioner and vehicle problems, caused me to focus all my thoughts and energy on them instead of sewing.

Since I was so distracted, I decided to compile five days of sewing progress into one post. I won’t talk about everything that happened that week, but I will mention some of the most important distractions.

May 24

May 24th was a Monday, so I needed to go to work. In addition to that, I needed to run some errands for my relative and my work. So, I didn’t get much sewing work done except for on the Christmas dress.

I thought I would pin and sew the skirt of the dress to the bodice, but after looking at the dress I realized there were many unfinished seams. So, I spent all my sewing time that day finishing the seams. Also, I decided to tack down the seams open. Because of this, it took a long time to finish sewing the seams.


May 25

May 25th was also an unproductive day for sewing. I did finish sewing the seams open on the Christmas dress, but I was too busy working and doing other things to work on anything else. I did stop sewing in order to record making the dress for a future YouTube video. Unfortunately, I had to wait for another day to record.


May 26

Things at work finally calmed down, so I was able to record some of the sewing I wanted to do on the Christmas dress. I anticipated sewing a lot today, but I didn’t do any other sewing. I did do a lot of chores though!


May 27

My 27th was also a hard-to-sew day. I had work to do and chores to do, but I knew I would be able to sew after lunch. During lunch time, I discovered my house had some problems with the air conditioning. Because of this, I was more focused on fixing the problem than sewing. After the air conditioning was fixed, it was almost dinner time and I didn’t have the energy to sew anything.


May 28

Even though May 28 was a Friday and was going to be a really stress free day work-wise, I had some more problems that day that demanded my attention again. My vehicle began to have problems, causing me to ask one of my relatives to help me trouble shoot it. After trouble shooting, I needed to pick up some supplies for my vehicle and do some serious research for the kind of vehicle to buy once vehicle prices stabilize or go down. Because of this, I was unable to do any sewing that day.

I did go to Joann’s to buy some patterns though! Joann’s had Simplicity patterns on sale, so I decided to repurchase some patterns that I wanted doubles of as well as the Joann’s exclusive Cruella Simplicity patterns. I’m going to talk about them in a future YouTube video.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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