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Frozen 2 Learn to Sew Olaf Body Pillow Finished and Video

It’s been a few weeks since I mentioned that I sewed an Olaf body pillow using a Frozen 2 Learn to Sew kit I found at Walmart. Since Frozen 2 will be in theaters later this week, I wanted to show what the pillow looks like when it’s all done.

Here is Olaf’s front…

And Olaf’s back…

I’m very happy with the way the pillow turned out. It isn’t as big as some body pillows I saw in store, but I know that this is the right size for a child to use as a body pillow. I’m glad the pillow is so small because I hope to give it to a little girl I know. She isn’t very big, which makes this pillow the perfect size for her!

While I sewed the pillow, I recorded myself sewing the pillow with the hope to create a sew with me YouTube video. I finally finished the video that shows how I sewed the pillow as well as any problems I ran into making the pillow.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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