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Sewing Progress May 23, 2021- Christmas Dress Progress and Quilt Fabric Prep

After making so much sewing progress on May 22, I knew I would have trouble making more sewing progress the day after. I had some chores to do, so I wanted to focus on them instead of sewing. Despite this, I did make some sewing progress on my Christmas dress and prepared some fabric for a future Christmas quilt.

Christmas Dress

The bodice for the Christmas dress was a pain when I made it last year, but I thought I would be able to fix it now. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it fit the way I would like to. I know what went wrong, and the swelling I’m currently suffering from isn’t helping, but I don’t think I can fix it without remaking the bodice. Instead, I’m going to continue working on the dress, even though it doesn’t fit me right. I think by this Christmas my swelling will be completely under control and I will be able to fit it.

Because of this, I spent most of my sewing time pinning and playing with the bodice. After deciding to leave the bodice as is, I began to work on pinning the skirt to the bodice. And that was all I did for the day.


Christmas Quilt Fabric

The week before, I went to Joann’s to search for some Christmas fabric for a future quilt. I found three fabrics for the quilt and another fabric for the Paris themed quilt I want to make. After letting it sit for a few days, I washed the fabric and ironed it. I like to pre wash my fabric for all my washable sewing projects, so it was important to have the fabric already washed before I began working on the quilt. I plan on starting on working on the quilt this week.

Here is what the fabric I bought for the Christmas quilt looks like…



Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!