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Florence-Kelvin Highway Photographs- December 2020 Part 1

It’s been quite a while since I posted photographs on my blog. I was able to take photographs of the outdoors for the past few months, but I never had the chance to edit them. This past month, I was able to have enough time to edit them. Not all the photographs I took are finished editing, but I was able to finish editing some of them.

Some of the photographs I recently finished editing are photographs I took of the Florence-Kelvin Highway. I started to take photographs of the Florence-Kelvin Highway in Arizona in December 2020. I needed to spend more time away from the area where I currently live due to my allergies, so I’ve began to roam around certain areas of the Arizona desert that are more allergy friendly to me. Florence-Kelvin Highway became one of those places.

There isn’t much to do except drive on the highway. There are places to stop on the highway and look around, one of them being The Boulders, but I have yet to explore them alone without a friend or family member. Despite this, the high way is very beautiful, especially before, during, and after rain storms.

In December 2020, I when to Florence-Kelvin Highway to take some photographs of the highway after a rain storm. It was my first time that month I took my camera with me to take photographs of the highway. I’m very happy with the way the photographs turned out. I took so many photographs from that trip that I decided to divide them into separate posts. The photographs in this post are of the highway itself and my attempt to take photographs similar to ones that can be found in the Arizona Highways magazine.









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