Night Sky Photos… or How I Failed Photographing the Super Blood Moon

Like many people I know (And around the world) I went outside on September 27, 2015 to watch and take photos of the Super Blood Moon and lunar eclipse. I was very excited about it for a variety of reasons, but I was probably the most excited to take photos of the moon! I was planning on it for weeks and had my camera charged and ready to go that Sunday. What I wasn’t planning on was my camera tripod breaking two days before the big event. I tried to fix it, but no matter what I did nothing worked. (As of this post the tripod is still broken, but should be fixed as soon as the weather improves allowing me to E6000 the broken pieces together!)

When the super blood moon with eclipse happened, I was without a tripod. Normally this isn’t a bad thing and I can work without it, but my poor Sony camera, which is four years old now, is starting to show it’s age and now gets finicky when photographing things a night. It’s ok if I let it expose for long periods of time, but when it comes to photographing things like the moon, I get blurry photos. Like this…

super blood moon (2)

And this…

super blood moon (3)

As you can see, the photos are not as clear as ones I’ve seen online and on TV. I’m disappointed with my photos because the super blood moon with lunar eclipse is rare and I wanted to photograph it. And failed.

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2015 Arizona Renaissance Festival Photos

Warning: This post is image heavy.

At long last, I finished editing and uploading the photos I took at the Arizona Renaissance Festival this year. It only took me almost a month and a half to do. *sigh*

I uploaded the photos to my Flickr recently in this album. All the photos in this post are linked to the photos on Flickr. If you want to see a bigger version of the photos, click on the photos and it will take you to the photo on Flickr.

I originally intended on doing what I did last year and buy a season pass to the Renaissance Festival (Or RenFest as I like to call it) but the car accident I got into in January depleted my RenFest funds and, worst of all, my desire to go. It got so bad at one point I was planning on not going at all this year (I didn’t have any friends to go with either), but I was able to gather some money to get a ticket and some money for a turkey leg in time for Time Traveler’s weekend.

When I was planning on getting a season pass, I wanted to wear the Clara Oswald Robots of Sherwood dress I was making earlier this year during Time Traveler’s weekend because AzTardis would be there with their Tardis. I thought I could get photos of me standing next to the Tardis because I was feeling healthy and confident enough to let people take photos of me. Unfortunately, I was so depressed about what happened in January and beyond that I took so much time working on the dress I didn’t finish the dress in time to wear it to Time Traveler’s weekend. It was very sad because I was nearly done making the dress, but my mind was elsewhere. Instead, I dressed like I normally do and wore the real Firetrap Harrie I got a few months prior to the Festival. (And, ironically, I was wearing it when the car accident happened. I love that jacket so much I’d wear it during a car accident. :P)

Even though I didn’t get a photo taken of me standing next to the Tardis, I did get photos of the Tardis motorcycle (I call it the Tardiscyle)…

AZ RenFest 2015

AZ RenFest 2015

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April 2013 Cactus Flower Prt. 2

Here’s part two of a two part post series to show the photos I took of two different cactus near my house.

After taking the photos from part 1 of my cactus flower post, I found another cactus blooming nearby. It was a different cactus with a different color and type of flower, but it was still very pretty! Unfortunately, I’m not sure what type of cactus it is. (Unfortunately, I’m not very well versed in the types of cactus in Arizona so I’m no help in the names department. 😛 )


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Peach Blossoms 2013- Trees in Full Bloom

Almost a week after I took the first photos of the peach blossoms, more blossoms appeared all over the tree making them look pink and very lovely.

Here are some of the photos (and comments when I feel it is necessary to include them) I took between March 14 through March 20…

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