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April 2013 Cactus Flower Prt. 2

May 3, 2013

Here’s part two of a two part post series to show the photos I took of two different cactus near my house.

After taking the photos from part 1 of my cactus flower post, I found another cactus blooming nearby. It was a different cactus with a different color and type of flower, but it was still very pretty! Unfortunately, I’m not sure what type of cactus it is. (Unfortunately, I’m not very well versed in the types of cactus in Arizona so I’m no help in the names department. 😛 )


DSC04701 DSC04698 DSC04702 DSC04699 DSC04700 DSC04703 DSC04704

I submitted one of the photos on my DeviantART page, so if you have a DA page please fave it!