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Peach Blossoms 2013- Trees in Full Bloom

Almost a week after I took the first photos of the peach blossoms, more blossoms appeared all over the tree making them look pink and very lovely.

Here are some of the photos (and comments when I feel it is necessary to include them) I took between March 14 through March 20…


2013 Peach blossom

While I was taking photos, bees were flying around the trees. After failing many times, I took a clear photo of one bee inside the flower. This was the first time I ever took a photo of a bee inside a flower to pollinate it, so I’m very happy with how the photos turned out!

I have one more post to make about the peach blossoms, but I’m waiting a while so I can take more photos of them before they fall off the trees. 🙂

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