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Merida Pencil Drawing

Back in 2013, after entering the Phoenix Comicon’s badge art contest, I decided to make plans for PCC’s 2014 badge art contest. I wanted to enter a Disney drawing because there wasn’t a Disney representation in 2013’s voted-on entries. I ended up drawing two drawings, one of Merida from Brave and the other of Rapunzel from Tangled. Unfortunately, in 2014 PCC didn’t hold an badge art contest and I don’t believe they will hold them anymore. (The didn’t for the 2015 convention) Because of this, the two drawings I planned on entering in the contest were left in my sketch books uncolored and untouched.

A few weeks ago, while going thought my sketch books I found both drawings and remembered why I drew them. Since they had no use as an entry to a badge art contest, I decided to go ahead and color them with colored pencils.

The first drawing I colored was my drawing of Merida…

merida pencil drawing

Since this drawing was meant to be used as convention badge art, I wanted to scan the original line art and then color it digitally. Since this isn’t going to be used for badge art, I decided to use my favorite coloring method, colored pencils! I always like coloring using colored pencils and since I discovered Prismacolor pencils almost five years ago, controlling the color and placement of the color became much easier.

I was always happy with how the drawing turned out, but now I’m really happy with how the drawing turned out colored! I’m currently working on coloring Rapunzel, but coloring was delayed a few days because I lost my my colored pencils under a pile of papers. XD

I still feel really sad about not getting the chance to enter more badge art contests in my local conventions. Many of the conventions I liked to go to held badge art contests and now they don’t. I don’t know why they stopped (Maybe there were too many problems with cheating?) but I was starting to get used to drawing digitally and enjoyed trying to think of subjects to draw or paint that fit inside the requirements the contests had. It was as close to working as a graphic designer I had or ever will have! Har har. (Seriously though, I don’t want to be a graphic designer. I like the idea of being an illustrator more.)

Well, that’s all I have to say for my Merida drawing. Thank you for reading!

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