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Spoonflower and Art Print Shops Update- May 2017

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted on my blog, but I had a lot of things I had to do offline. While I was gone, I was able to update and work on my Spoonflower and my art print shops.

On Spoonflower, I was able to edit and release for sale new fabric designs I didn’t have the time to work on. These designs are based off a tiara doodle I did for Inktober 2016. I’m very pleased with the way they turned out.

The designs have different colored jewels in the tiara, but I decided to only feature one for now. You can see the rest in the Crown Designs collection on my Spoonflower here. (I’ll eventually add more crown themed designs in the future, but right now the tiaras are the only ones available for sale.)

In other Spoonflower news, last year I received an email from Spoonflower saying that they edited my description for a few of my fabric designs so it wouldn’t interfere with copyright infringement phrases. The designs are the ones for my Doctor Who inspired fabrics and the phrase that was removed was “Doctor Who”. When I realized this, I decided to remove all my Doctor Who inspired designs, no matter if they were meant for cosplay/costumes or not, from public view.

Although removing the designs from public view seemed like an overreaction, I was taking care of an ill family member at that time and I didn’t have the time to sit down and actually think about anything besides my family member. After my family member passed away, I began to work on what I wanted to say in the descriptions of the designs. Since I wrote the descriptions of the Doctor Who costume fabrics, Spoonflower discontinued fabrics I favored for costume making and added new fabrics I liked much better than my old favorite fabrics. It took a while to change the descriptions, but I was able to do it. I also created a new collection for all my Doctor Who inspired designs along with any other fabrics I created for future costumes. This collection is now called Geek and Cosplay/Costume Inspired and can be seen here.

As of this post, the only designs available in the collection are Doctor Who inspired ones, but I hope to add a few non Doctor Who designs in the future.

And finally, I created a new Society6 shop! I didn’t like the URL address for my first Society6 shop, so I made a new one. The new one is located here. I hope to eventually add more of my art to this new account, but right now I’m too busy working on other things so I must keep it a little sparse for now.

So, that’s all I have to talk about for now! I hope to keep everyone updated about any changes to my Spoonflower and Society6 shops.

Thank you for reading!

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