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Gradated Wrap from Vogue Knitting- The Finished Scarf

The temperatures are cooling off, which means it’s time to take out my winter coats and accessories. This year, I have a new accessory to add to my winter clothing collection: A newly knitted wrap!

I knitted the wrap, which, thanks to the yarn I picked, is more like a large scarf than a wrap, earlier this year using a knitting pattern I found in the Fall 2019 issue of Vogue Knitting. I didn’t want to make the scarf exactly the same as the scarf in the magazine, so I used a purple and white ombre yarn. This made it look kind of busy and disguises the pattern in the scarf, which makes me sad because I really liked the knit pattern on the scarf and wanted the pattern to show more than it does.

I had some problems working with and following with the written portion of the pattern, which I found very confusing and unclear. I nearly gave up working on the wrap until I started to follow the charted version of the pattern. The chart worked great and was more clear than the written portion, so I used that instead.

After following the chart, I found the pattern very easy to follow. The only problem I had during the knitting of the wrap was the yarn. I purchased the yarn I used from Michael’s craft store and thought it would be an ok yarn to work with. After working on the scarf, I realized the yarn was not spun well resulting in parts of the yarn to be tightly wound and other parts to be extremely loose. I owned and worked with yarn that was spun like that, but it was on purpose. The problem with the yarn I used for the wrap is it was not advertised to be spun like this. Also, some of the yanks are spun uniformly while others are not. So, this caused me problems while knitting the wrap.

Despite all my problems with the pattern and the yarn, I really love the scarf! I can’t wait to use it. I also hope I can find different yarn so I can make another wrap that doesn’t have the problems the yarn I used for this wrap did.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!