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K-9 Cosplays the 4th Doctor

At last, I finished my painting of K-9 cosplaying the 4th Doctor…

K-9 cosplays 4th Doctor

Clicking on the painting will take you to the DeviantART page of the painting.

I mentioned in my K-9 9th Doctor painting that the whole idea for the painting series came from a joke my dad made about me painting K-9 wearing the 4th Doctor’s scarf and hat. Since this was the first painting idea, the line art for it was painted first, but I didn’t finish coloring it until today.

The scarf K-9 is wearing is from season 15. I picked that season’s scarf because season 15 was the first season K-9 was in Doctor Who. (At least the last time I checked it was)

There are little nit-picky things about the painting I don’t like, mostly because some of the lines aren’t crisp and such, but for coloring the painting in a few hours along with balancing coloring it and my normal day job… I think it looks pretty good. And if I want to make it look nicer, I can always go back and work on the painting some more at a later time. 🙂


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