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Sitting Fairy Sketch

A few days ago I was trying to get out of an artist’s block when it came to drawing. After failing several times, I ended up drawing a picture of a fairy.

I’ve been meaning to draw a picture of a fairy, but every time I began drawing I could never make the picture turn out the way I wanted it to look. This picture was probably the first time I was successful in drawing a fairy…..

fairy chair lineart scaled

Clicking on the picture will take you to the deviantART submission of the same picture.

The fairy isn’t supposed to be anyone in particular, but she was inspired by Nene Thomas’ art with a little Alphonse Mucha. Next step is to color her, but since I’m working on my sewing and editing photos right now the fairy will have to wait a while before I begin to color her. ^_^

This painting was used as a present for a friend’s birthday because I didn’t have enough time to paint another picture for her. ^_^

Painted in Gimp using a Bamboo Wacom tablet.

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