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Update on Future Blog Posts

It’s been about ten days since my last blog post so I decided to make a post as an “update” on what should be coming up in the future….

  • Drawings: I’ve drawn a new drawing a few days ago so I’ll make a post about that in the future.
  • Peach Blossom Photos: I still have some photos of peach blossoms I haven’t posted on here. I took the photos before the blossoms fell off the trees so they’re not in full bloom like the previous photos of blossoms, but I do think they’re still pretty.
  • Arizona Renaissance Festival Photos: I wasn’t sure if I would attend the festival this year, but on the last day of the festival I was able to attend. Like I do every year, I took photos. They’re going to show up eventually, but I took so many photos I have to sort through them and choose my favorites to post on here. 🙂
  • Cosplay progress: I’ve made quite a bit of progress in making some of my cosplays so some blog posts about them will show up. The progress on the Rose Tyler, Idiot’s Lantern dress will most definitely show up, but I’m not sure which cosplays will get progress posts. Since I’m “on a roll” I don’t like to stop and take photos of the progress. So, either the progress photos are poor quality or they do not exist.
  • “Original” Clothing: I’ve made some “original” clothing for myself to wear. I plan on making some posts about what I made with some photos what I made.

So, that’s what’s coming up in the future. Since my life has slowed down I think I’ll be able to make all the blog posts I want to, but life can be so uncertain I’m not 100% I can do everything I plan on. (I’m so pessimistic right now. 😛 )


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