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Well, as usual, my life has become very busy so this blog and my plans for it has fallen at the waist side. I’m still editing photos I took while at the Arizona Renaissance Festival and I haven’t had the chance to put any photos here. Instead, I’ve been putting them all on my deviantART page because it’s easier to submit them instead of writing a full blown post for a blog. ^_^

Anyway, the thing that is taking so much of my time (And I classify as “fun”) is planning to attend the Phoenix Comicon (PCC) this year. I have three main cosplays planed and two back-ups in case I have trouble finishing the main cosplays in time. In addition to this, I entered the art badge contest and made it to the final voting round. I’m currently waiting to see if my art is on a badge. The formal announcement of whose art will be used on the badge will take place on Monday, April 29th.

Since it’s less than a month away from the PCC, I’m in “crunch time” mode for making the cosplays. I don’t think I’ll be updating a lot here on this blog. This way I have more time to work on my costumes.

So, that’s about it right now. I have other things I’m thinking about doing, including turning this blog into a formal website, but the website idea far far far in the future. So don’t panic.

That’s all for now!

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