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Sewing Project List for the End of Winter 2023

Hi everyone! Spring Solstice (AKA the beginning of spring) will be here next month. I am both happy to see warmer temperatures come back, but I also despise the warmer temperatures. Living in Arizona is not fun during the summertime! Even though summertime will be no fun due to the heat, I always look forward to wearing cute, light weight clothing.

This year, I plan on making myself more clothes than I buy. I’m not sure if this will work out the way I plan, but I am hopeful I will have the clothes to wear more cute spring and summertime outfits than in previous years. Even if it means I wear them to get the mail or grocery shop!

Since this is the final month or so of winter, it’s the time when I need to work on things for next season. I want to write more about my sewing and other hobbies on this blog this year, so I wanted to write a post about all the sewing ideas I want to work on during the end of winter 2023. I know I won’t get everything on this list done, but there are some things I need to finish and others I need to remember to finish on before the end of the season.

Pink and Green Log Cabin Quilt

I kind of doubt I will finish this quilt by the end of winter, but I’m putting it on this list anyway. I really want to finish working on the pink and green log cabin quilt I started last year. It is almost done… sort of. I need to figure out what went wrong with the fitting of the blocks, fix the blocks, and then move onto backing the quilt and binding the edge. It’s not a top priority, but I am tried to seeing all the blocks stacked, waiting for me to finish making them.


Fix/Make New PJ Bottoms

I did a clean out of my PJs and I saw I need more bottoms. As for the ones I will keep, I need to fix parts of them. It’s not a big deal. Every year I make myself new PJ bottoms or fix the ones I made the year before. It’s just something I need to do before spring comes. I am also considering making myself some tops to go with the PJ bottoms. I have some ideas for what the tops will look like, but I feel nervous about making them. (I have other things I need to do than make PJ tops)


Kwik Sew K4057 Dress

I purchased this pattern from JoAnn last year after I heard a rumor that Kwik Sew patterns would be discontinued. The rumor was right, so I am happy I panic purchased the pattern. The pattern envelope says the pattern creates “princess-line dresses (with) tie in casing at (the) neckline which gathers front and back”. It also has pockets. I wanted to make this pattern last year, but couldn’t for various reasons. This year, I’m excited to move forward in making it. The only issue is I don’t know if I should use the fabric I originally wanted to make with it or use McCall’s 8069 to make a jumpsuit. I’m leaning towards the Kwik Sew pattern, but I still feel uncertain about my decision.


Light Weight Denim Dress

I have an idea for an outfit I plan on wearing on repeat this year. It includes light weight denim dresses and white undershirts. I am excited to start making the dress, but I am worried I will not be able to find the right fabric. I think I finally found the right fabric to use for the dress, but as of the writing this post, I don’t know if the fabric is right for my plans.


Denim Skirt

I wanted to make a denim skirt for years, but I never felt like I could make myself one. Of course I can sew myself one, but I have an idea for the pattern I want the skirt to have. Tracking one down was difficult, but I did find one I can use as a base pattern. I plan on modifying the pattern to create the skirt pattern I want to make. I think I have the fabric to make the skirt out of. Due to the pattern modification, this project may be the hardest and most difficult project on this list. I also feel the most annoyed by the complexity of it.


“Cottagecore” Dress and Shirt

I need to admit. I feel in love with Cottagecore aesthetic clothes. Even though I don’t want to live my life like a Cottagecore fan, I do want the frilly, pretty clothes! I decided to make myself a dress and shirt inspired by Cottagecore clothes and sewing patterns I see online. I’m not sure how many clothes I will ultimately make. I have gathered many commercial sewing patterns and independent brand patterns from Etsy. I have plenty of options. I just need to take a serious look at my patterns and decide which ones I want to use and when.


Finish My Shorts

I started making a pair of shorts last year using a McCall’s sewing pattern. They are almost done and I need to finish them. Since it will be spring soon, I need to finish the shorts first before I move onto any new projects.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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